Oh my goodness! It’s been a long time! I doubt if anyone is still out there, but if you are…I’ve neglected this for so long that I felt that I should stop in. I stopped blogging several years ago because I became so busy! Since my last post, I got married, traveled to Scotland and England a few times as well as Iceland, and purchased a home. I just picked up my blogging pen again, however, and can be found at A Briar and Bramble Journal, a diary of my life in our 1823 cottage on the Maine coast. Since I couldn’t go to Scotland this year, I’ve been incorporating Scottish and British influences into our home and gardens. I’d love to see you at the new site! https://briarbramblejournal.wordpress.com/2020/12/31/a-backward-view-and-a-greeting-for-the-time-ahead/